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Consumer Fraud Alert:  

Attention consumers it has been brought to our attention an agency is telemarketing lists of people looking to sell cemetery property that they are advertising on Craig's list and other online advertising sites claiming to be our agency. The number they are giving out is 1-888-414-5054 this number is listed as Miss Daisy's in Google search results and is a former adult hot line. They are asking for checks by phone with no contracts required to be signed by an executive of the agency protect you, this is a violation of the law. We have discovered this company is in Florida and has no active brokers license and is in violation of Florida State statue 417.

Complaints have been filed with the Department of Funereal Services in Florida along with the States Attorneys office in Florida.  If this company has contacted you we request you notify us immediately with any information you may have in regards to there operations as we are offering a $5,000 REWARD for information leading to an arrest and convection of the operators of this corporation.

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As each day passes, more Americans are purchasing cemetery plots and starting to plan for the future. When we think of a final resting place, finding the ideal location or the place that can accommodate someone who is important in our life often lends comfort to the search for cemetery plots. Read buy cemetery plots. Buy Cemetery Plots

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When prospective buyers visit the Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots website, our tested team of  marketing and sales professionals use their years of experience and knowledge to sell cemetery plots. For so many years, people have prepared for a time when they will need a final resting place by buying a cemetery plot. Many times, people lose their carefully planned investment due to relocation, career changes or family requirements. Do not allow yourself to be penalized for planning for your future. List with Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots today to start planning for tomorrow! Read sell cemetery plots. Sell Cemetery Plots


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