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Things To Consider When Buying A Cemetery Property

So often, we put off thinking about buying a cemetery plot because we don’t want to think about the inevitable end of our lives.  Whether it is because we don’t like the thought of not being with our family or friends any longer or because the final plans of buying cemetery plots are difficult to get started, it is a common human experience to procrastinate burial plans

Did you know?…The average cost of a traditional funeral is $6000!

These Seven Simple Rules are Suggestions from the Federal Trade Commission for Planning a Funeral:

1. Shop around in advance. Compare prices from at least two funeral homes. Remember that you can supply your own casket or urn.
2. Ask for a price list. The law requires funeral homes to give you written price lists for products and services.
3. Resist pressure to buy goods and services you don’t really want or need.
4. Avoid emotional overspending. It’s not necessary to have the fanciest casket or the most elaborate funeral to properly honor a loved one.
5. Recognize your rights. Laws regarding funerals and burials vary from state to state. It’s a smart move to know which goods or services the law requires you to purchase and which are optional.
6. Apply the same smart shopping techniques you use for other major purchases. You can cut costs by limiting the viewing to one day or one hour before the funeral, and by dressing your loved one in a favorite outfit instead of costly burial clothing.
7. Plan ahead. It allows you to comparison shop without time constraints, creates an opportunity for family discussion, and lifts some of the burden from your family.

Did you know?…If you don’t preplan for your funeral, then the average cost rises to $11,000?

Because so many people wait until their time of grief to make funeral plans and buy a cemetery plot, the costs associated with a funeral rise exponentially.  With so many different decisions to be made, many families feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of the questions and lost in the system of services. 

One of the ways to save your family time and money during a devastating time in their lives is to buy your cemetery plot ahead of time.  By preplanning, you can buy your cemetery plot in a location that you find appealing, near another family member, and assure yourself a final resting place without the emotional turmoil involved in the decisions.

With the ease and savings of Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots, you can view thousands of cemetery plots online from the comfort of your desktop.  You can view the grounds and get a concrete price on buying a cemetery plotBuy and Sell Cemetery Plots handles all of the paperwork to make sure that when you buy a cemetery plot, your purchase is completely legal and safe.

In the end, no one can buy time.  But, everyone can use Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots to buy a cemetery plot in the location that they want for their final burial

Securing a peace of mind for you and your family can cost less by buying a cemetery plot with Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots!


Welcome to Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots!

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