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Selling your Cemetery Property

If you’re reading this, it’s because your plans have changed and your cemetery plot no longer suits your needs.  What do you do?  Try to sell it in the classifieds?  Sell it to friends?  Leave it for your kids to deal with?  Or do you just walk away and leave it?  Cemeteries all over the country have abandoned cemetery plots sitting empty and idle because the owner’s plans changed and no one knew what to do about them. 

Most people don’t realize that cemetery plots actually go up in price over time like real estate.  Your unwanted cemetery plot may actually be worth more today than you originally paid for it, so it’s not a lost investment.  You may not want it, but there are millions of people out there who do, and Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots will help you connect with them.  We stand alone as the number one reseller of cemetery plots in the United States.

After I lost my mother I inherited 4 cemetery plots that her and my father had bought back in the 50's when they were first married.  I was unable to use them so I contacted Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots. They got me $4500.00 apiece when my parents paid $250.00.  Thank you so so very much!  R. Dann

Welcome to Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots, where we help you:


Welcome to Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots , where we help you:

  • Sell your cemetery plot

We use a unique advertising strategy aimed at the largest possible local and international audience.  We’re so confident that we can sell it faster than anyone else that we offer a money back guarantee!

  • Save you money

If you’ve tried classified advertising in your local papers, then you know how expensive it is, week after week, month after month.  Plus, you know it doesn’t work.  We don’t just work harder and advertise farther to sell your cemetery plot, but we do it for a fraction of the price you’d pay for ineffective classified advertising. 

  • Give you peace of mind

We don’t just sell your cemetery plot faster at a fraction of the cost; we actually do it all for you from start to finish.  In fact, with our full service package, we even handle the legal work and take care of the legal fees.


Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots sells faster, costs less, and works harder for you.

My experience with your company was unique.  I was looking for a company that could handle the entire process when every one else wanted to post my name and phone number.  Thank you so very much.

A. Daton

List my cemetery plot now!  

How does Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots help sell my plot?

Unlike some organizations, Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots doesn’t just pocket your money, post your ad on the internet, and then sit back and hope someone will wander by and see it someday.  Our experienced professional sales agents work hard to find targeted leads using unique multi-layered strategies to make sure all the right people see your plot.

  • Targeted online advertising:  We use proven online marketing methods to give your cemetery plot the widest exposure and highest advertising profile possible, so your cemetery plot is seen by the largest possible number of potential buyers.  Using Google, MSN, Yahoo, and AOL, your cemetery plot is put in front of literally hundreds of millions of people a month. 

But we don’t stop there. 

Just getting people to look at your cemetery plot won’t help unless they actually want a cemetery plot, and that’s where our innovative targeted advertising strategy sets to work.  We use over 150 dedicated domain names specifically targeted to the cemetery plot resale market, so that whenever someone searches a phrase like "buy a cemetery plot" or "buy a burial plot," the chances are many times better that they’ll find your plot through Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots than by any other method.  Individuals and industry professionals from over 22 thousand Funeral Homes nationwide are funneled to your cemetery plot display.  Remember, these are not just idle passersby; they are individuals directly interested in buying a cemetery plot like yours.

  • Targeted direct mail:  Direct mail is the fastest and most effective way to promote a product to a select group of interested prospects, and we use it to promote your cemetery plot to a vast network of industry professionals across the country.
  • Targeted national print advertising: We advertise in newspapers like USA Today, bringing your cemetery plot to the attention of over 6 million affluent, well educated, business professionals…just the kind of high value clients who are most likely to be interested in purchasing your plot.
  • Targeted local print advertising:  Just to round out our advertising blitz and make sure we catch every last prospect, Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots works with an association of publishers of free distribution shopping guides, newspapers, and periodicals delivered to over 8.55 million homes with 523 editions on a weekly basis.  
  • Virtual tour:  Now that we have the attention of millions of interested browsers, the most effective way to convert them to a buyer is to show them exactly what they’re getting for their money.  Our Full Service Program does that with a customized virtual tour of the very plot you’re offering for sale.  The buyers see the same special features that convinced you to buy this plot, and that makes the buying experience easier for them and more profitable for you.

Does it make more sense to fruitlessly list your plot in the local classifieds, or to promote it to millions of interested and motivated buyers?

I have tried to sell this thing 5 times with no success.  News papers, friends, and web sites nothing worked.  Then I found Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots LLC They handled all the calls, provided an interactive tour, and handled the closing.  Great service!  D. Mackay

List my cemetery plot now!

How can Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots help me save money?

You’ve probably looked at what other organizations charge for buying and selling cemetery plots, and you already know what it costs to advertise in the classifieds.  Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots gives you a quantum leap in market strategy for a fraction of the price.

  • No hidden fees:  Unlike many organizations, Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots has no broker fees, commissions, or hidden fees or any kind.  An easy one time payment of less than it would cost you to advertise for two or three months in a local newspaper will put your plot in front of millions of interested buyers both locally and across the country for as long as it takes to sell.
  • Money back Guarantee:  How many newspapers offer to give you back your money if another newspaper sells it first?  Believe it or not, that’s exactly what we offer with our full service package!  If you list a Full Service ad with Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots and it sells through any other method for within 50% of the original asking price, we’ll refund 50% of our ad listing fee!
  • Advertise till it sells:  We’re so sure that we’ll be able to sell your plot that we allow you to advertise till your plot sells!  Your ad doesn’t expire till you sell your plot.

Does it make more sense to pay for a month or two of passive advertising in a local newspaper with an audience of a few hundred, or to save that money and turn it into hard working promotion targeted at millions of motivated buyers for as long as it takes to sell? 


Professional service, fair prices, and excellent results.  Thanks for selling our cemetery plot!  B. Deck

List my cemetery plot now!  

How can Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots give me peace of mind?

Let’s say you decide to sell your cemetery plot by yourself.  Do you know how to market it or will you just plunk an ad in the classifieds and hope for the best?  Do you know the answers to the inevitable questions you’ll get?  Do you know who to call for advice in case you don’t?  What if you’re not home when people call?  Do you really want your name and number out there in public? 

Let’s say you’ve finally managed to sell your cemetery plot.  What now?  Do you need a lawyer?  Are there legal fees?  What about closing costs?  What kind of paperwork do you need? 

  • We do all the selling:    When you work with us, you don’t have to buy ads, haggle with prospects, worry about advertising, or look up obscure regulations.  In fact, when you work with Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots, the only thing you’ll have to do is cash the check. 


  • Identity theft protection:  Unlike similar organizations, we will never publish any of your private information.  We’re well aware of scams and identity theft, not to mention the annoyance of junk email, and both our Standard and Full Service programs fully protect your identity from listing to closure.  No one else will ever know your identity.


  • We do all the paperwork:  The only people you’ll interact with are members of our specially trained team.  From the initial setup of your customized virtual tour through all of the steps to the final transaction, our professional staff takes care of every phase of the selling process.  The only thing you have to do is accept, decline, or counter offer. 

Does it make more sense to spend your time worrying about haggling, identity theft, and paperwork, or to let motivated professionals do all the work?


We listed our plot for sale with your company.  The closing process was handled very professionally and quickly.  Thank you for helping us through this process.  T. Allington


Welcome to Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots!